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Black-crowned night Heron

This state endangered species is regularly seen at Stillman during the summer months. 


Chicory has a lovely blue blossom that stands out in a summer field that is often dominated by yellow and white wildflowers.

Deer and cars

Pop quiz: Which type of wildlife is responsible for the most human fatalities? A) coyote B) cougar C) deer D) bear

Devil & St. Anne

My father, bless his heart, chose to let a wild meadow grow in our sizable backyard. It was just mowed once a year in the fall.

Jack in the Pulpit

It is the peculiar design of its blossom that has earned this plant its common name. It sports a striped green hood or "pulpit" which curls over "Jack," a club-shaped organ known as a spadix.

Ox-eye Daisy

This common daisy is found across the eastern U.S. in old fields, pastures, and roadsides. A perennial, it blooms from May through August.

Poison Ivy

Be careful! “Leaves of three, let it be; berries white, take flight” Indeed, poison ivy is a vine sporting three leaflets.


The early blooming flowers that decorate the forest floor are welcome signs of spring. Many of these plants will sprout, mature, flower, and produce seeds during the period after the snow melts and before the trees fully leaf out.

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Written by Mark Spreyer

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