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The Raptors of Stillman Nature Center

The Birds of Prey at Stillman are housed in enclosures (known as Mews), located along the northern section of the red graveled trail.  They are unable to be released in the wild due to permanent disability.  (note: State and Federal permits are required to keep wildlife for educational purposes)

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Dan Simpson Snowy Owl 2-4-2017.jpg
Snowy Owl
(Bubo scandiacus)

Wingspan of 52 in, length of 23 in, this yellow-eyed owl is apptly named.  An adult male can be almost entirely white.  They are found on open tundra, from near the tree line to the edge of the polar seas.

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Barn Owl
(Tyto alba)

Wingspan of 44 in, length of 16 in, this is a slender, long legged, mid-size owl with no ear tufts.  They are found in open country such as marshes, farmers' fields, grasslands and deserts.

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Broad-winged Hawk
(Buteo platypterus)

Wingspan of 34 in, length of 15 in, this hawk is short and stocky with distinctive black and white tail bands.  In the summer, resides across the eastern half of the country.  It winters in Central and South America.

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Eastern Screetch-owl
(Megascops asio)

Wingspan of 21 in, length of 8.5 in, this is the only small eastern owl with ear tufts.  Can be found in forests and woodlands across the eastern half of the US.

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Turkey Vulture
(Cathartes aura)

Wingspan of 68 in, length of 28 in, this large scavenger is named for it's turkey-like pink head and black feathers.  Found in the eastern US.

Red-shouldered Hawk
(Buteo lineatus)

Wingspan of 36-50 in, length of 18-24 in, has a robin-red chest plus the the black tail with narrow white bands.  Year-round resident in deciduous lowland forests across the eastern half of the country.

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Barred Owl
(Strix varia)

Wingspan of 38-50 in, length of 16-24 in, is a large, dark-eyed, gray-brown owl with a barred chest and striped belly.  Year-round resident in mature woods ranging from lowland swamps and bottomlands to upland forests.

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Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)

Wingspan of 50 in, length of 22 in, this large owl is named for the prominent feather tufts or "horns".  Found in forests, deserts, grasslands and suburbs.

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Peregrine Falcon
(Falco peregrinus)

Wingspan of 3.5 feet, length of 15-21 inches. Has slate-blue back and wings plus a wide dark stripe down the side of the face.  Scrapes out a nest on cliff ledges, usually overlooking a body of water. Will also use the ledges of tall buildings.

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